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Fun Ways to Spring Your Practice Forward

It’s not feeling like spring everywhere just yet but it’s getting close and it is here.  Spring brings about such a great sense of renewal and a refreshed look at everything. This is important and it is often the key to blasting you out of the winter doldrums no matter what part of the country… Read more »

How To Breakthrough Limitations and Win On Purpose

I know you have heard the expression, “Stack the deck in your favor.”  Of course, frowned upon in card games but incredibly smart in real life. You absolutely want to stack the deck in your favor.  You want to leave as little up to chance as possible.  Always. You don’t get lucky by accident –… Read more »

Success Traits of Championship Dental Teams – Part 2

For the most part, no one achieves something they do not think is possible.  At least they don’t consistently achieve something that they have doubts about in any way. Therefore, all limitations begin first with belief. Especially in what you do everyday, helping your patients get healthy, belief affects every aspect of care, patient engagement… Read more »