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Now it’s your turn…

Society has a way of categorizing everything and everyone.  Everywhere you look there are labels, stereotypes, and pre-judgements.  In reality, it’s simply a small group of people telling everyone else what they should or shouldn’t do; who they should or shouldn’t be; or what they should or shouldn’t think.  It’s easier for them if everything… Read more »

How Will People Respond?

I have a prediction about this so called “new normal” that everyone says is going to happen thanks to the virus and the shutdown.  You want to know what it is? It isn’t a future of social distancing. It isn’t people so afraid to do anything they stay in their houses. It isn’t a society… Read more »

The Challenge and The Opportunity

I’m writing this to you on a Friday, the day after the President just announced that America will reopen in phases after there are two weeks of diminishing cases reported for each state, county, or metro-region. Think about this: there are over 3,100 counties in the United States.  To date, 60% of all cases occur… Read more »

Making Moments Memorable

I don’t need to tell you (because you’re here), but the doctors gathered in our Dental Success Today world are truly special.  They just seem to do more than anybody else.  They take business ownership and leadership to the max.  They rise up to meet the challenge, follow-through on plans, stay positive in the face… Read more »

Be Quarantined With Your Favorite Person

Of course, I hope you are quarantined with all of your favorite people.  If you have kids, they can be close by, if you have a significant other that they are with you.  You have many Doctors, Nurses, and First Responders on the front lines battling the pandemic surge to serve and save others.  You have many… Read more »