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Play Defense for Treatment Acceptance

A few weeks back, we began a discussion about Offense and Defense inside your practice.  There could not be two more important topics.  Offense is pretty obvious and my Huddle outlined it beautifully for you to fully be aware of “point scoring” opportunities with your patients every day. Defense on the other hand… It’s tough. … Read more »

What to Commit to… in the New Year

Back in the saddle, as the saying goes.  Here we are one full week in and probably that is just enough time to realize the Holidays are over and one out of the fifty-two weeks was nothing but a blur. Your goal of course should be to keep the rest of the year from being… Read more »

The Greatest Gift You Can Give

What an honor it is for me to be able to write you this message today.  Wishing you all the best of the Holiday Season and a special Merry Christmas. Of course, there is no one to share this message with today at your office.  So instead, I would just remind you of something that… Read more »