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Improving Patient Outcomes – Strategy 4

Today, I’m going to give you a strategy to help your patients that you will have to be very mindful in using.  This is powerful stuff here, my friends. After motivation, after positive energy, after excitement and after questions, we still end up with a few patients that don’t feel compelled to act.  That’s not… Read more »

Improving Patient Outcomes – Strategy 3

I’m sure you remember hearing the phrase, “The way you see the problem is the problem.”  And this is so incredibly true. One reason, among many, why pictures work so well to “sell” treatment is because it makes the problems believable and undeniable.  They illustrate to the patient the reality of the situation. In every… Read more »

Improving Patient Outcomes – Strategy 2

There is nothing that moves a patient forward more than the positive energy inside of your practice and your own enthusiasm and confidence about what you are suggesting to them. Last week, I gave you a great strategy to create the motivation for your patients to move forward with what is in their best interests…. Read more »

Improving Patient Outcomes – Strategy 1

As promised, over the next few weeks, I will provide you some specific tactics and strategies to improve your patient outcomes.  And by that I mean getting more patients to follow through with treatment and think more favorably about their experience at your practice.  This will yield patients who are more likely to refer and who happily… Read more »

Clues To Success – Power Protocol Principles [PART 3]

Perhaps there is nothing more important than well defined protocols for communication between team members and transfers for your patients.  I sure hope you took time to really dive deep into this.  This is where the greatest inconsistencies are found (and complained about) from team member to doctor and vice versa. If you are in a hurry… Read more »