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Who Cares More… and Why It Matters

In my new book, The Dental Success Secret, I outline the key to keeping momentum alive as I take you behind the scenes of the pivotal strategies and the best ways to ensure you have a vibrant practice that grows for everyone’s benefit. (have you missed it… Grab Your Copy of The Dental Success Secret)… Read more »

The ‘Untold’ Secret to Helping More Patients

With every patient, you are looking for something.  Often, it is one single thing that gives you the opening to connect with them, to encourage them, to illustrate to them the opportunities you have to help them.  Here’s the thing, people want to be helped with things they want help with (not something they don’t)…. Read more »

The Magic of Perfect Patient Transitions (aka Handoffs)

This past weekend, we hosted our Conference of Champions and it was exactly that.  I’m still a little in awe of just how incredible it was.  The teams that were represented made it the single most powerful and effective event we have ever done.  I’ve never been so inundated with positive feedback; and that’s saying… Read more »

The Frightening Thoughts In Your Patients’ Minds

Tomorrow is the big day.  The largest adult holiday of the year.  Can you believe that?  More money, celebration, activities and everything else spent on this by adults than any other holiday.  And to think this was originally for kids. I hope you have some great plans for yourself and your family tomorrow.  And I… Read more »