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The 3 Priorities for All Dentists

Each week my goal is to bring you positive perspective on your Practice and your life as a Dentist, how to make it better for you and for those you serve. It’s a powerful thought that today, ‘this day’ will be your last. It’s with that in mind I believe your day, your practice, your… Read more »

The 3 “P’s” to Profitability

Last night while in Calgary I spent some time talking with two amazing Doctors ready for the next level of success in their practices…their desire to achieve the ultimate Lifestyle Practice which can be summarized by “working less, making more, and having a practice run itself…without you (the Dentist/Owner) being involved in daily oversight and… Read more »

The 3 Kinds Of Dentists, Which Are You?

We all make choices in life – deciding between two or more competing options. “Opportunity Cost” I like to call it. Every day another set of decisions that either validate and support your goals and objectives, moving you forward, or acting as a stalemate of paralysis or worse yet moving you further away from the… Read more »

The 4 Enemies You Battle Every Day

Have you ever heard the expression that you are your own worst enemy?!  I would assume that you have, I wonder however if you have ever thought about what this really means. It happens to be the single greatest enemy you will ever face – yes – yourself.  And most people won’t ever want to… Read more »