The Hidden-In-Plain-Sight Secret to Maximizing Your Practice’s Greatest Asset

It’s there, right before your eyes, but far too many doctors fail to notice or take advantage of the greatest asset they have hiding in plain sight inside their practices. Maybe you think it’s your patients. Well, they do represent something important, an abundant resource, unlimited in quantity and controllable in quality; accessible and available… Read more »

How to Empower Your Team, Accelerate Profitable Growth, and Eliminate Stress, Frustration, and Inconsistency

Today, I’m going to talk about the importance and critical nature of doing whatever you can to empower your team – and in doing so, you’ll not only reduce frustration, stress, and inconsistency, but as a result you’ll also gain the power to control your own destiny. Note that nowhere did I say “motivate the… Read more »

Life-Changing Dentistry CAN’T Happen Without Follow-Up

For nearly two decades, I’ve worked with Private Practice doctors across North America. Some entered our DST universe with their operations running pretty much full steam ahead, looking for my help in making the necessary adjustments so their “small hinges” could swing the “big doors” even more effectively. But far more appeared on my doorstep… Read more »