Built To Sell – An Overview

Is it fair to say that far too many Doctors fall victim to the self-employed cycle of a job and living out their weekly schedule in their practice as through it was just a routine they have to repeat again and again while looking forward most to their next vacation and days out of the… Read more »

How You Can Help Patients Help Themselves

Speaking of rewarding yourself (from last week), this is really the secret to influencing more patient to accept treatment.  Who doesn’t want a reward and, by the way, generally speaking who doesn’t think they deserve one once in a while. There is way too much emphasis on the ‘selling’ of dentistry and not enough emphasis… Read more »

You’ve Gotta Have That Loving Feeling

Of course, how could I not interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a special message on Valentine’s Day! As you know, Love comes in many different ways and people both receive and give it far differently based on their own life experience.  Perhaps there isn’t anything more comforting that knowing you are loved… Read more »

Rewarding Yourself

I do hope you made your list.  And hey, what a fun week to have it, if you’ve got a Valentine (whether kid or spouse or parent or friend or yourself… you should be your own best Valentine), this would be a great time to do something fun off of your list of things you… Read more »