The Permanency of Independent Dentistry

Here is the cold hard truth: the very existence of Private Practice Dentistry is under mounting threats. You see this with DSOs, insurance cutting fees and reimbursements, hiring shortages, expenses going up and profits going down. There isn’t a single major industry variable trending in your favor. Yet, while some will throw up their hands… Read more »

The Dental Practice Advantages Afforded by Profitability

Last week, I presented a deep dive into how to dramatically increase the profitability of your private practice. It was not just about the POWER OF PROFIT it was about giving you the ability to actually create more profitability in the first place… “Increasing PrivateDental Practice Profits” Practice Success Whiteboard Session with Scott J Manning,… Read more »

Private Practice Power: Profitability and Demand

Perhaps the most important aspect of profitability, that very few business owners ever fully realize, let alone take advantage of, is the power to become fully liberated and operate on your own terms. Most independent practices never break free from their (mostly perceived though sometimes actual) dependency on volume, insurance, and basically being a commodity… Read more »