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Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

We are running hard this week. Getting straight to the point. Are you running hard into Monday Mornings?! Or are you just sauntering in laissez faire and hoping the momentum hits you in the ass instead of you leading the charge? Hey, every MONDAY matters, it sets the tone for the week, you push out… Read more »

Making “Dentistry” A Team Sport

Last week I talked you through the individual participation that each Team Member has as responsibility to engage your Patients to achieve more comprehensive cases. Bad news…almost guaranteed you are only using one out of a dozen or so high fee case accelerator leverage points in your Patient Experience and it’s probably the strategy of… Read more »

Get Out Of The Way And Let Your Champions Play

If there is one major anchor that appears in every single Practice of all the Dentists I talk to every single week…it’s the Anchor of the DENTIST holding back the potential of the Team Members, especially the Champions of the Practice. They do this unintentionally by unnecessarily carrying the burden of all things on their… Read more »

Speaking the same Language… Team Vocabulary

This week I’m going to give you a little break in the action. I have had such incredible feedback about identifying Champions and pretty big ah-ha’s from a lot of Doctors realizing that maybe, just maybe, they might have been holding some of their top players back. I promised my “here’s what to do with… Read more »

How To Develop Champions

Every Practice needs a Champion! You probably know who yours is right now. And you might have two or three and that’s even better. Still there is usually one person who always rises up. They show up early, they stay late, they go above and beyond. They study Dental Educational Material, they push the limits,… Read more »